The Background

When Mike and Kerry started MKG in 2011 they offered programmatic advertising strategy then evolved to offer whatever their client needed at the time from SEO, PPC, programmatic advertising, Content Creation, Web Development, and the list goes on.

In doing this they learned:

  1. By trying to control the whole Advertising Funnel we ended up being okay at many things and experts at nothing. Now, with our focus on three services we only hire people with 8+ years of experience in those three services only.
  2. We have better success when the client owned the website - both in content and design. Again, it allows us to be the subject matter experts on SEO and PPC in strategy and execution then we can partner with you on your expertise about the user, customer experience, the sales funnel that works for your business.

Image circa, 2012.


We decided to focus on the services that provided the most bang for the client’s buck.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the long game with the biggest long term gains. There are some initial quick win fixes we’ll provide and as we build on that you’ll constantly see success year over year.

Pay-Per-Click (Search, Display, & Social)

PPC is the short term game. This was the quickest way to drive leads and/or revenue. You put money in. You get money back usually within the first three - six months.

Website and Campaign Analytics

Analytics is important because your funnel needs to be set up accurately to see how SEO or PPC are performing so we can say channel x is driving these exact outcomes.

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