Stop Playing The Telephone Game

Each MKG team member comes from the big agency world where you have Directors, Supervisors, Seniors, and Assistants. As the client you talk mostly to the Directors and/or Supervisors who delve out direction to Seniors and Assistants. The people doing the work are not necessarily the people you’re talking to on a regular bases.

This creates one of two problems:

Either you get the work done quickly, with mistakes because things were not communicated correctly the first time.
It takes exponentially longer to get the work done because the people doing the work do not have the experience and it’s up to the supervisor to train this person to deliver what you’re looking for.

At MKG you have a direct line to the people doing the work. We get to ask questions to make sure it’s crystal clear as to what you’re looking for. Less iterations and quicker turn arounds.

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